Viv for your V: Focusing on the power of community

Viv spotted in Boston 

The Viv team was spotted all around Boston over the last few weeks! We had the opportunity to visit a few co-working spaces, participate in networking events, and attend the She+ Geeks Out Summit! It was great to get out into the world and talk to the community about the problem we’re trying to solve. 

Our goal is to build an empowering brand through education for all who bleed while bringing awareness to the barriers that make period products accessible. The bottom line is we need to save our planet and switching to sustainable and earth friendly period care, will get us one step closer. If you spoke to us at a recent event, we thank you! Your feedback will help us grow. We know that it is going to take a village and thanks to great people like you, we’re starting our period care revolution strong. 

There were over 250 attendees at the She+ Geeks Out Summit at District Hall in Boston, MA. Womxn from all professional backgrounds came together to network, listen to panels, and hear Roxane Gay speak. One of the panels focused on the meaning of resilience and how it can be applied to our careers and personal lives. It was inspiring to hear womxn in leadership share their experiences in a safe space.

At one moment during the summit, there was a lull so the organizer gracefully used the time to let someone from the crowd take the mic and give an “ask” to the group. Feeling inspired and motivated from the speakers and support from other womx

n around us, our founder, Katie Diasti, popped her hand up. 

“Next thing I knew I was talking into a mic in front of 250 womx

n explaining what viv does and telling them about our upcoming launch and requested they follow our social page. I would have typical been way more hesitant to spontaneously speak to a crowd that large, but the environment the She+ Geeks Out community created made it incredibly comfortable and supportive.”

Viv joins the empowering community at The Wing 

After reflecting on this experience, we realized the power and growth that comes with being apart of a community, so when determining our new working space, we decided to apply to The Wing. We were accepted and have now been working in the space for a week and can comfortably say, we love it. 

As we wrap up our first full week at The Wing, celebrate the launch of preorders and engage with the community, we are feeling more energized than ever. Stay tuned for so much more to come. 

Thank you for being a part of the period revolution, 

Katie and Linette 

Founders of Viv for your V 

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