Kickin’ Plastic to the Curb: A Field Guide to Plastic Free July

Kickin’ Plastic to the Curb: A Field Guide to Plastic Free July

By: Haley Guerin 

         Grab your Mason jar and your favorite reusable straw! Yep, it’s that time of the year––it’s Plastic Free July! Not hip with it yet? After reading this quick post, you’ll be staying groovy as you ditch those flimsy grocery store plastic bags for a durable, reusable funky bag. Let’s save this beautiful planet that we can proudly call home with Plastic Free July!

         First of all, what even is Plastic Free July and why July out of all the months to choose from? Plastic free July is a global movement that aims to heal our planet from plastic pollution by eliminating (and/or reducing) single-use plastics for the whole month. It happens to occur in July simply because it was the next month after the founder of the movement, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, decided to avoid using single-use plastic. Rebecca, who is widely recognized around the world for being a powerful womxn leader in the sustainability space, started the movement in Australia with a small group of individuals involved in local government affairs. When this movement started, Rebecca emphasized its ability to transform not only the habits of a single individual, but their entire community as small efforts to take care of the planet add up to a big positive impact. 

         While the movement had its humble beginnings in Australia, it has expanded to cover countries all around the world as it has gained significant popularity and influence. Currently, Plastic Free July is being practiced in 177 countries and boasts over 250 million participants. Aside from being amazing for the planet and a fun challenge to try out, this movement has gained a significant following because it can be practiced anywhere and to varying degrees––making it a super flexible challenge that you can have a lot of fun with by being creative in how you choose to approach it. 

         One way I personally chose to engage in Plastic-Free July is by using Viv For Your V period care products! Viv has been perfect in helping me figure out what menstrual care products are the best fit for how I want to reduce my plastic use this July. As seen on Viv’s website, there is a menstrual cup option for people looking for reusables. That is, with the Viv menstrual cup, no waste will be generated because the cup can be reused. Personally, I chose to opt for Viv For Your V’s super soft pads for a comfy all day long wear. With these pads, I am saving 48 plastic bags per period because the pads are made from bamboo fiber––not plastic nor toxins. It was the perfect way for me to celebrate Plastic Free July while doing good for my body too! 

         So jump on that Instagram and start your #plasticfreejuly journey. Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to step up to the plate as a community. Have some fun with the challenge and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Not sure where to start in your Plastic Free July journey? Check out Viv For Your V’s period care products! Let’s show this amazing planet some love! 

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