Getting Crafty with Sustainable AF Tie Dying

Getting Crafty with Sustainable AF Tie Dying
By: Haley Guerin 

        Quarantine has created a lot of new hobbies for many of us. Whether it be my personal favorite of Netflix and ice cream nights with the girls, learning TikTok dances, baking banana bread, trying new home workouts, or delving into the sustainable period product space *cough cough*, we are all trying our best to stay busy at home. One hot quarantine trend that has been blowing up on social media is tie dying. This is a great way to add fun colors to your closet and to have fun creating something new. There is a pretty much infinite amount of tie dying methods out there and a big variety of dyes to choose from. At Viv, we believe in the power of the planet and taking care of our home. Let’s talk about some fun ways to twist sustainability into your tie dying adventures!

         One way to practice sustainable tie dying is by using natural plant dye over synthetic dyes that you can purchase at your local crafts store. This is great for the environment in a variety of ways. One being that you skip out on all the plastic packaging that comes with most dyes, helping to reduce your waste. Another is that you can say goodbye to the pesky chemicals and toxins found in many synthetic dyes. With plant dye, you can feel confident about the ingredients you are using in your tie dye pieces. Not to mention, by choosing to use plant dye over synthetic dye, you are helping create your own personal and unique connection to nature through your artwork which is something you simply can’t put a price on. Speaking of pricing things out, tie dying with plant dyes is often a much cheaper option as well because you can use ingredients from your backyard to achieve the vibrant colors you are going for instead of going out and spending money on them.

        When tie dying with plants, it is important to choose clothing items that are lightweight, thin, and are made of natural materials like cotton. This is really important for creating the best conditions for your plant dye to absorb into your pieces. You might be wondering what natural ingredients are best for creating those fun colors pops you see on Instagram. Avocados can be used to make a beautiful dusty pink color. You can also use tea for a variety of different colors depending on what look you are going for. You can be bold by opting for onion skin and cabbage for your dyes too! Another natural plant dye you might have around your house is found in berries. That beautiful pigment from summer berries can be the pop of color you are looking for to spice it up this quarantine!

        Going right along with the concept of creation and projects, we want to give a huge shout out to a super cool, Black woman-owned company called I’m a Working Woman. At I’m a Working Woman, the idea of looking at yourself as the biggest project you will ever work on is really important. They believe in investing in self-improvement while also building up other women in the community. I’m a Working Woman is not only a fabulous company that supports the Black and feminist communities, but also they have a lot of trendy pieces to choose from––including their Blurred Lines tie dye selection that features custom socks, sweatpants, and sweatshirts that are just as unique as you are. What are you waiting for? Go check them out!

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