7 Black Influencers to Follow

7 Black Influencers to Follow

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Chelsea Lowe is the founder of the lifestyle blog LoweCo Petite. Chelsea dedicates her blog to being a source of inspiration for all those who love fashion, faith, and family. Recently Chelsea has used her instagram to bring light to the racism and injustice she has experienced in her life, and how we can all help to cultivate change. 


Gabi Gregg uses her platform to discuss fashion, travel, mental health, and body positivity. She has created awesome lingerie and swimwear collections at @playfulpromises and @swimsuitsforall. Gabi has shared resources for supporting the Black LGBTQIA community in particular, and has emphasized the importance of listening and learning from others.   


Fatima Dedrickson is an amazing lifestyle and fitness blogger, as well as the author of Ready, Set, Be Still. Fatima uses her platform to spread kindness and bring awareness to the BLM movement. Fatima discusses the importance of raising her biracial children to be strong, and to use their voices for good.


Lalah Delia is the spiritual writer and wellness educator behind her bestselling book Vibrate Higher Daily. Lalah pushes the importance of vibrational-based living in order to create a better world for both yourself and others. Lalah has discussed advice on how to deal with one’s many emotions in the wake of George Floyd’s death. 


Tonya Raply is a hard working #mompreneur. She is the founder of @myfabfinance and the owner of @clubloofah. From finance and business to hair and travel Tonya brings her followers along for the ride. 


Tomi Obebe is an MBA student at Clemson University, and uses her platform to explore all aspects of beauty, fashion, and southern living. Throughout the BLM movement Tomi has discussed her experiences of racial injustice, and how her interracial marriage has taught her that we are all more alike than different. Tomi shares resources for learning and organizations to support during these important and powerful times. 


Coco Bassey is a content creator and digital marketer based in New York City and Atlanta, and is the founder of the blog Millenielle where she discusses all things fashion and lifestyle. Coco has used her blog and instagram platforms to encourage her followers to ‘shop small’ and support black businesses.   

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